Our Heritage

For hundreds of years Derbyshire was the heartland of the UK textiles industry– this area boasts a rich industrial heritage of cotton spinning, silk throwing, lace making and framework knitting.

A stones throw from the factory is the Derwent Valley UNESCO World Heritage site, which has one of the most highly concentrated clusters of textile mills in the UK.

Today, David Nieper is one of the last remaining textiles businesses in the region and making significant steps in reviving the UK textiles industry.

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Our People

David Nieper is a family business in ever sense of the word. This is a people business, and we value each and every individual’s contribution. It is people that make the spools spin and sewing machines whirr. It is our people that add that magical ingredient to create the luxury collections that delight our customers time and again.

In our sewing rooms it is not uncommon for several generations of one family to work together sharing knowledge, expertise and developing the same specialist skills. We call it the dressmaking gene; many families in our area have grown up to the sound of sewing machines. It’s in our DNA.

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staff in UK, France, Germany and Holland



garments are despatched every week


garments are exported – mainly to France, Germany and Holland

Our Collections

David Nieper is an internationally renowned fashion brand, specialising in creating beautiful, luxury designs for the discerning, mature lady.

We design 8 collections every year featuring the finest knitwear, stylish outwear, pure silk and cotton nightwear, lingerie and swimwear. We are also one of the few designers that creates a collection every year uniquely tailored to travel, including a selection of uncrushable fabrics.

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Ambassador for Brand Britain

David Nieper is wholly heartedly committed to British manufacturing. Made in Britain is a core brand value and the company makes a virtue out of British design and British manufacturing.

British skills are world class and Made in Britain is renowned as a stamp of quality assurance. Our Managing Director, Christopher Nieper passionately campaigns to promote British manufacturing at government level and across national and international forums.

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The David Nieper label caters for the female over 50s market

In 2010, David Nieper introduced its first knitwear collection, made from fine luxury yarns

David Nieper has its own Sewing Academy to preserve traditional dressmaking skills

Community Matters

Community is at the very heart of David Nieper. The business takes pride in the local community and its people, always going the extra mile to support other local businesses, create jobs, provide training and education and generate prosperity.

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Education & Skills

At David Nieper we believe young people are the future. As such, we are involved in education at every level, from primary school design competitions to the sponsorship of fashion and textile undergraduate student awards as well as running our own on site sewing school.

We are also the first UK fashion business to have established an education trust and sponsor a school. The David Nieper Academy takes a pioneering approach to education and offers a unique formula for business and education to work together.

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Our Mission Statement

“We are committed to quality and sustainable production, promoting the knowledge and skills of past and future generations through jobs, education and investment in our people, industry and community.”

Our Sustainable Future

As we approach our 60th Birthday ensuring the sustainability of our business environmentally, socially and economically has never been more important.

Emphasis is placed on sourcing sustainable fabrics, yarns and laces from an accredited and responsible supply chain, our production team practices just in time manufacturing to ensure no overproduction of goods.

We continually measure, benchmark and strive to improve our internal processes to help build a more sustainable future for our business and the wider industry.

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Inspiring Customer Experience

We know our customers, many of them personally. We receive hundreds of letters and thank you cards every season, testament to the extraordinary relationship that has developed between our staff and customers over 55 years.

Initiatives such as the David Nieper Experience fashion events held each season in beautiful venues all over the UK allows us to spend quality time with customers.

Online we are creating a convenient and inspiring experience for our customers through digital channels. It is our mission to ensure our service exceeds expectations wherever our customer choose to shop.

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